Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas ...!

MeRRy Christmas
Went back from Klang today....
Yo...Klang again, no any new place to go meh??? No choice lo, Malaysia is a very *boring* and *dump* country BESIDE the tropicana Beach. i'm lovin it.
i will go enjoy the sunshine and sea every year when i grew up, the meaning of grew up here meant= i can afford not to depent on my parents. ^^
What a waste , i got a fair complexions but i love Beach.....gosh, cant imagine all the turtle swimming around me (>.<)"

Deeply fall in love with 牛皮shoes...recently. So SUDDEN.
May be i found my style finally, but there have not much shop selling woman 牛皮鞋. On the other hand, i can get man 牛皮鞋 everywhere. And......this kind of shoes not cheap! it's surely above hundred.Yesterday I found it so hard from a shop (the only shop) ....T.T i cant leave my eyes on it.
i think what i like is a lil bit different with the others while the youth now prefer the shinny and colouful shoes. HAHA!
i have NO FATE with the shoes recently !!!
it's so hard to make me take a fancy to those shoes that are hot selling on the market now, UNTILL today i found a shoes which i think that is so nice and i wanna buy was already out of stock
-.-" sienzzzz la
That mean i just can continuously wearing my canvas shoes untill the appeares of my ideal shoes ...i don't wanna !

this is what we called as Ballet??
"she" might be challenging me. LOL

My christmas present from mummy....

Such a big Burger for me...Yummy~

Daddy spent loads as usual TODAY. This is the disadvantages of simply take holiday as your's wish!
No matter , deepavali, haji, puasa, hari raya adilfritri, New year, christmas.My daddy will OFF automatically....SO busybody. No working day will spend more. We spent rm200 for our lunch, because the big fish cost rm70++ ,and the others just normal dishes without seafood. OMG~
it was a NORMAL phenomena in our NO matter lunch or dinner time, because my daddy is make sense on Eat ; but i rather to use that money to do others thing >.<"

Lastly......... wish u all MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Christmas EVE

My heart flew away to Dar's place in the early morning, i cant wait to meet him in the afternoon.
Finally has a Target to do on that day........
i planned to go on 4pm. MAMA suddenly changed T.T she wan fetch me on 3pm. My plan also changed, mama fetch me to instead of taking bus ! gosh~
i'm so touched....Mummy always simply find reason to fetch me to the place i wanna. muack*
i'm so panic on the other hand....
because i have not ready yet. In a RUSH, one of my len LOST !!!
Of course i will lost it, because one hand holding mascara and eyeliner and deciding which one to be eliminated, because i have really no time. Another hand holding len...............
....i have no idea...
so i wearing just one len to GO OUT.
i'm insane.
but luckily the len which i lost is the left one, the eye which is i consider as Blind so never MINd~
What a special DAY ~
Two different eyes.
I reached too early so i have Damn many hours to shop....
T.T Damn borig to walk alone...
althought shopping is one of my hobby, but NO MONEY meanS NOTHING!
Therefore, I got the permission to go low yat earlier ^^.Planned to celebrate countdown wit my dar so i have to wait dar untill he finished working. (T.T)
i thought i will be passing the hours like age in dar shop...BUT, haha dar bring me buy thing which is consider as my christmas present "gua". ^^
thanks loads lu....
then, i received jiawen called=she was coming , NOPE, is "they" were coming all way long from serdang. hehe...hoho...wahaha...
i saw Sandy. Finally saw her.
she bring me to visit her work place which is just located just upstair dar 's working place.
She getting thin.....thinner and thnner....
but she is happier. ^^
She said i'm shorter.............Gosh~
i think what i suggested last time was right. ^^
Throughout the difficuities she met at outside, she might become stronger and more mature, brave as well.
I got a feeling.........wondering why the feeling so strong.
i wish her bf and her can marry in the future. Although the time they be together are not long as anyone.BUT, without doubt, they sacrifice a lot toward each other. And they did passed throught the difficuities together. ^^
i think i will be visit sandy again once i goin to visit my DAR.

we have no place to go T.T
I think the best , is to having a party at home with several friends.......
that will be great and warmth. Because every restaurants are fully packed by peoples.

Something happenned....
i felt itch on my left eye, so i rub it.....
something which was dissapeared, in a SUDDEN i found it back from my EYE.
Oh My Len...! damn you....It was just like a magic Show@.@
seriously.....the lens was quite scary !

Pink man???
i have no idea......
lastly, we went to connaught night market to have our dinner
interesting huh??? Goin here and there just like nobody businesss.
Thanks Dar......!
ribuan-ribuan terima kasih KEpada Mu.
***WHAT a fastantic day with fastantic people and fastantic happening. ***