Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Nightmare ~

Steal some time to express my feeling now
I got a nightmare just now....i been selected to PLKN "again" !!!
oh, it's damn real !
the camp is bloody super obscurity in the jungle, i have to climb a mountain after a mountain and swim to reach . Swt !!! The most scary one, OH MY TREASURE HANDPHONE !!! i must keep it myself. But i came here unconsciousness, so i didnt bring the charger. gOSH ~
then i met former dormmate Maywen, and i saw DILA too...haha. my buddy. we were like " we had joined the plkn already de wor !!!how can we have been selected the 2nd time???"
So, i determined to against the couch.
Finally, we can go back....hahaha....really damn happy at that time.
this wasn't the first time to dream about PLKN already, 2nd or 3rd time already T.T
it can shown, PLKN for me is a damn scary experience in my life.
Wonderig why this type of dream appeared in my dream and disturbin my sweet dream, i couldn't sleep properly yesterday le, later how can i get 100% concentration on my revision later?
A timetable is constructed for myself to study ! i gonna run for The hardship again after my lovely breakfast~
sTUdy study study.....