Monday, December 15, 2008

Exam week

Do some update during this "Super period"=exam week ! (T.T) I wan cry la. Did not very well in today algebra paper. i failed to answered Loads of simple untill the max mia question! All the question really so easy like ABC but i looked it in the to difficuit way so i cant answered it. Full of regretful~ All of this happened also because of my laziness and at the "super moment" my stomach struggling.It yelling for food~ At the same time, i had felt up with those "too simple but unable solve" question, so i just leave the hall then searching for food .Pity me. sigh*
This story made a lesson= Make sure to eat before u go for exam.
Then, 2.30Pm is the turned of Writing ....!
The one can killed me without any consciousness.......
i worry this subject the most !!! As what my previous posted had written, i just got 3 mark out of 25. And, in today Final i have to write about 2 essay !!! Hmmm....I DID IT !
i may be not did it with bombastic word , idiom, perfectly grammer or exactly following the format.....but
I DID IT !!!
atleaast i succeed to wrote about 2 essay which was about 800 words for each.
What i had wrote may be non-sense, out of topic....atleast i tried.RIGHT?
Sorri to tell, i tend to write only 1 essay at the first, because i took over time in the first essay and it is 4.15pm already when i finished the first one and stupid me keep thinking the exam will be over on 4.30pm that actually on 5pm. Within that 15min, i keep writing....writing....and give up untill i realize i got another half hour to write.....then i finished.
Whatever....hope to pass @.@ i hate essay.
my hair turned into white just these several days, luckily pimples absent on my face althought i was so tension recently....
the scene on handphone we handed, during the exam
Dar's spend my sibling and me dinner a day before he start PCfair....
SAKAE , a place i will go if i want to eat steak...
Rainy day...>.<
Hmmmm.....dar treat me differently recently, because i treat him differently also ^^
we tend to change just to engage to get a better future....hoho
tHE size of the steak izzit bigger?? izzit more worth compare to other???it was taste good also.
No choice lo, we cant support to have steak at The Ship or San Francisco. hehe
However, i appreaicate also atleast i got a mouth to eat. Blerk !

Yo....PIKOM PCfair had finish....
who went it???
Dar always be busy whenever pc fair was organised....!!!
2 more subject to go ~
Jia You @

Planning for christmas, will be many people joining for the celebration !
cant wait...cant wait....
where to go??? Sure get fun !