Thursday, October 30, 2008



Oh my 黑色星期五~~
last week I Got my wrinting assigment , and we chosen the Option 1 as our assigment
The question is something like this~~~
Imagine that you are in a a town fiftty miles from home, and ur car has broken down, and you are carrying no money. Lastly a friendly people who help you turn your experience into positive one.In such a good day, in fact , that you don't want to forget what happened. Write a narrrative of the day's events in your diary so that you can read it ten years from now and remember exactly what happened.

Let's guess what happened then....
70% the same thing above happened on my lovely Friday~~

we went to Ampang to have our "Yong Taufu" for our dinner,i like Yong taufu but that restaurant not really nice....bcoz the soup tasted too good yet like putting so much of spice and the food is so oily. Those may increase the burden to our body if the owner just in order to tally the flavor of the customers .

In addition, i noticed a strange view in that restaurant....
Malay like Yong taufu also...haha....that restaurant 90% crowded by malays, onli 2 table which was chinese. Omg~ forgive of my ignorant~
No wonder the food was so oily and too "tasteful"

Then, we went to Beng Keng Restaurant again and again~~~
i was so angry...i cant escape to come here every Friday...!!! Hate~~
he always putting his family on the first place...Should i said so...haha...i think only dar and me can understand it !
afterthen, my nightmare was happen to begin while he bring me along to watch him play for a game of basketball.
i was sitting inside the car to wait him finish the game, i hate it !!!(sumtime) it was so hot and boring in the car...i did everything i could yet in the car. Then, the evil side of me instigated me to Drive....everything was a fault that i started to stepped out from my car and closed the door....

When i reached the driving seat, i cant manage the car's door. The entire car was locked !!!
And....all our wallet and handphone is inside the car ~~~

Omg ~~~

i was damn nervose on that moment, actually this wasn't a big trouble to settle ...all we need is Money ,call or a car....
1st. money . this is one of the reason i got nervose and panic, bcoz dar just started his job he might be heart-break to waste such a amount of money to get a machanical to fixed it up.

2nd. a call. I can call up my mom to get the spare key for me. But, it was 11.30pm in the night...

3rd. a car.... Finally, my steady dar and me wallked a short distance to Beng KEng to take his car and drove to my home to get the spare key. SWT
No mobile without key....
What a wonderful day~~
luckily Got such a Good dar.

when when when only i can get to be smarter???