Saturday, October 18, 2008

My dar + me in my entire week.


Night Market in Caunnaught


Beng keng Restaurant + fIRST station@ pandan indah

My lovely Friday was a rainY day. ops...It totally spoiled my mood, untill i saw my dar driving his car in UCSI. My smart dar....hoho....Damn happy. I really thought i gonna be wet to enter your's car. Lucikily you're smart enough to drive into my coll la.
Raining cat and dog on friday...!!

flood happened on the way we go back. I was so excited to see the flood on the road, so i many pictures taken inside the cars. On the other way, Dar driving his car very carefully bczo the water is quite deep.

haha....see ~~~ my product

serious ????

After that, we went to Suntex to pick up his dad and had some food there

There is a big traffic jam on we have to find another eternatif way back to Ampang. What road else??? we called it as Hulu langat hill or Ampang hill??? i like someone fetching me to there. So that i can see the beautiful view there and 兜兜风.

I always complaint about his BIg nostril !!! But what he revenge???

鼻子洞大, 漏财啊 !!!me

哪里有 ??鼻子洞大, 吸财快啊 !!!dar

then, he will show me his innocent look as below ~


my desirable tom yam...on that day

I HAte Banana Boat !!!

Yeah...we meet three day in this week !!!
i gonna meet u soon later. Horray.

****i KNOW my post is sO sHORT and meaningless !!! ****