Friday, October 31, 2008

*Happy Halloween *

"Trick or Treat" ???

Pls give me kisses chocolate as much as u can!!! Haha. Happy Halloween, Really hope to go somewhere else for celebration, but i'm at home now. (>.<)

I got a complete family, but my family member always not at home....i think i'm not the most lonely one, i atleast have my boyfriend that somtime he could bring me out of my house ...but my sis and bro are the definitely latchkey children.
my house is lack of laughter and joyful....
Sometime really hope my dar can shift to stay in my house so that my house would not be so quite !

But now....what i scare the most is... once a day, dar will forget me while he put 100% effort on his business or sport. If the day wil be coming in the future...what will i be?? and will i be sad or i'm already used to it at the time???

You and me still have a long long long period of years to suffer long distance and insufficient of time to meet each other. Because our target is still far~~ When dar got his own business, i really cant imagine how do i do already.

taken a unexplanable pict !!!


Finally passed up our assigment today, load of argument happened during the progression ....i found out that having a work in a big group (6 ppl) is not a good thing.

i got a lesson from today. Anywhere, i'm not goin to talk somuch here. No one is interested to know ....To add trouble~~ i have been accidentally and suprisely chosen??? or selected???? to be a leader in my group !!!

i guess there was some objection to have me to be ur head...BUT SORRY. non of my reluctant to do so~~~ What ever unsatisfied, i wish we can solve it by face to face when meeting. ARRH~~ so tension ! Be co-operate my dear partner.....Really wish to make friends instead to produce enemies.....I get enought from loniness


Oh my ntg special lovely friday....Stop expecting to see what i would did in this such a "sweet" day!!! Nothing much more....Insufficient time to stick together. Dar started to complaint about i had grabbed all of the time on his offday...!!! OKAY FINE.....he wanna to hv some match with the Ucsi gang ...after dinner...we separate...i give back the time to him. I'm sorry lo~~~

i gonna be crazy soon....even the onli day can meet also xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

is time to sleep. tata

i'm so relax now


finally i can post something that happened today....
i have finshed my assigment 1....!!!

i'm happy with myself, althought i am busying with my mid-term i also can finished my work on time. Day by day...Friday coming so fast. A day i waiting for in a week.....
October coming to the end on tomoro. Bye october.....hi November....
atleast i'm fullfilled in this month ....hmmm....i suppose to say i'm fullfilled in 2008. haha. Got many very "first time" in this year that i never tried.
BUT...soon i hv to say bye to 2008.....
wHATever....i shouldn't to bullshit here at this time...
it's time for me to sleep. TAta~

Film and ART mid-term

Yeah ~~~
i have succeed my Film and art !!!
i can get rid from this subject for several weeks....
yeah yeah yeah ~~~
I noticed that my sis whose studying in private secondary school already finished learning My syallabus of Film and Art...The Only difference is They no study Film~~
WANNA pay a salute to them...
i learnt it at my college. On the other hand, they learnt IN form2.
I felt quite easy to the questions, because i used 3 days of my lovely holidays eat everything that contain in the notes !!! viomit !!! perhaps i can get a not bad result for it.
Yeah, AS what dar's promise,he would take leave on wednesday because he had already hit his target for this month that his boss specially setted for him. And Dar reached the target more than enough.
Good dar....
we put our effort in different way...But we have a same goal to target. ^^
gampateh !!!
I have my class finished on 10am. i Got 6 hours free time.'s too early for dar, but he was manage to pick me also. So i bring him to my home to have a nap...he sleep sweetly.
i purposely gv him some hours to sleep to regain his energy, because later i need him to wait for me to attend the class for an hours outside the campus.

I setted alarm on 2pm....then we manage to take our lunch outside the campus. Fortunately, we found a parking and fortuntely the place is under the tree. Yeah....
After lunch, i suppose to bring dar to somewhere to wait me for an hour, but we change our mind after received Jiawen msg that she was located in MPh hall .Without hesitate Dar go to our campus Mph hall to play basketball...^^ good idea~~~
i think the best place to put him.....
Yea~~~ Dar addictted to this place....
he Goin to come every friday while waiting my clacc finished. OMg....

Then, we Go night market....We bought quite load of thing tat day. whoot~~~ i Get stg nice and cheap there. Damn satisfied.

Lastly, i will always pay a visit to turtle stall....aLOt of cute babies turtle...But i really not goin to buy one again.....The died of mine turtle really bring unforgetable sadness in my life.

i saw my turtle's friendzz...on the way home.
adorable doggie
i wanna named it as "bulu"
can i ??

Thursday, October 30, 2008



Oh my 黑色星期五~~
last week I Got my wrinting assigment , and we chosen the Option 1 as our assigment
The question is something like this~~~
Imagine that you are in a a town fiftty miles from home, and ur car has broken down, and you are carrying no money. Lastly a friendly people who help you turn your experience into positive one.In such a good day, in fact , that you don't want to forget what happened. Write a narrrative of the day's events in your diary so that you can read it ten years from now and remember exactly what happened.

Let's guess what happened then....
70% the same thing above happened on my lovely Friday~~

we went to Ampang to have our "Yong Taufu" for our dinner,i like Yong taufu but that restaurant not really nice....bcoz the soup tasted too good yet like putting so much of spice and the food is so oily. Those may increase the burden to our body if the owner just in order to tally the flavor of the customers .

In addition, i noticed a strange view in that restaurant....
Malay like Yong taufu also...haha....that restaurant 90% crowded by malays, onli 2 table which was chinese. Omg~ forgive of my ignorant~
No wonder the food was so oily and too "tasteful"

Then, we went to Beng Keng Restaurant again and again~~~
i was so angry...i cant escape to come here every Friday...!!! Hate~~
he always putting his family on the first place...Should i said so...haha...i think only dar and me can understand it !
afterthen, my nightmare was happen to begin while he bring me along to watch him play for a game of basketball.
i was sitting inside the car to wait him finish the game, i hate it !!!(sumtime) it was so hot and boring in the car...i did everything i could yet in the car. Then, the evil side of me instigated me to Drive....everything was a fault that i started to stepped out from my car and closed the door....

When i reached the driving seat, i cant manage the car's door. The entire car was locked !!!
And....all our wallet and handphone is inside the car ~~~

Omg ~~~

i was damn nervose on that moment, actually this wasn't a big trouble to settle ...all we need is Money ,call or a car....
1st. money . this is one of the reason i got nervose and panic, bcoz dar just started his job he might be heart-break to waste such a amount of money to get a machanical to fixed it up.

2nd. a call. I can call up my mom to get the spare key for me. But, it was 11.30pm in the night...

3rd. a car.... Finally, my steady dar and me wallked a short distance to Beng KEng to take his car and drove to my home to get the spare key. SWT
No mobile without key....
What a wonderful day~~
luckily Got such a Good dar.

when when when only i can get to be smarter???


Muahahaha ~~~ What should my stories begin with ???
it's all way long to taip from last week untill this week....
jz have a look to hv some relaxation~~
since i have finished my exams and assigment

1. 紧急情况

全世界的手机都可以拨打的共同紧急救援号码是112,加入你发现自己所在的地区无手机信号覆盖,同时你又遇到了紧急状况,用你的手机拨打112准没错,因 为这时候你的手机会自动搜索所有可用的网络并建立起紧急呼叫。特别有趣的是,即使你的手机是在键盘锁定的状态,你同样可以拨打112。试试吧!

2. 把车用遥控器落在车里了?

你的车用遥控能打开吧?如果可以,在你有一天将车用遥控器落在车里而且备用的遥控又在家里的话,你会发现有个手机真方便,用手机拨通家里人的手机,将你的 手机拿在离车门一英尺的地方,同时家里人拿着遥控器在他的手机旁边按响遥控器上的开锁键,这边你的车门就可以打开了。这个方法不管你把车开得离家有多远都 奏效。

3. 隐形的备用电池

你的手机电量不足了,为了让它能够继续使用,按*3370# 键,手机会重新启动,启动完毕后,你就会发现电量增加了50%。这部分隐藏的备用电量用完了你就必须得充电了,再次充电的时候,隐形的备用电池也同时充 电,下次电量低的时候又可以用这个方法。知道这个在紧急情况下如果手机电量不足非常管用。

4. 手机被偷了?有个办法让小偷也用不了,嘿嘿!

查看手机的序列号,只需键入* # 0 6 #
15位序列号会出现在手机屏幕上,全世界的每一台手机都有一个独一无二的序列号,把这个序列号记录下来并保存好。有一天如果你的手机不幸被偷了,打电话给 手机提供商,并提供你的手机序列号,他们会帮你把手机屏蔽,这样即使小偷换了SIM卡,仍然无法使用,你的手机对小偷来说变得一无是处。如果全世界每个手 机持有者都这么做,那么偷手机就没有意义了。
Share this knowledge with ur's fren ~~
Don't be stingy!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

where my Time???

Insufficient time to use...
No time to update my blog, alot of thing happenned but no choice.
i still not yet finish my assigment yet , writing essay about 900 words !!!
kill me better....
i obtain stress from my group member too ...>.<
Coming tuesday Got Film AND Art !!! Arh.....!!!
Scary~~~ about scary , recently many scary thing happened on me !!!
no time to update now, soon....k.... tata !!!

Monday, October 20, 2008


Mistaken Again !!!

i'm freaking blur + C2pid ......

Tomoro isn't the test of my film and art !!! ; Pyschology is still on this coming Friday lo (>.<) Alot to study 100++ pages thick !!!

Today class finished at 12pm. I dunno how to describe *ToDaY * , My mood change rapidly, it can be suddenly happy and suddenly disappointed. I suppose to get my Laptop Tonight, it was like a dream for me, coz it happened too quick . Then yesterday (sunday) i Got my dar's call he did informed me that the stock is sold out . Dar suppose to keep one for me, but the supervisor not allowed him to do that, so no choice ! i have No luck, No fORtune ~

Too many people came to Dar work place to get that model of laptop with the resonable price that other couldn't give !!!
Then, Dar called me this morning while i paying attention to my lesson......(not really, i tink i chit chatting with Jiawen and yelling for the struggling from the stomatch on that moment.) Dar said he found theres is another 2 laptop more left at the other branch of company, and his manager allow him to keep one for me. Hooray ~

Then, as i mentioned above.....i bought the laptop By Today Also ~~~~
Something that i couldn't expected i could get that quick ....suddenly i got it !!!
All of this happened in jz a a dream .........
Thanks Dar.

hmmm.....You guys SURE curiuos About why that laptop can be sold out jz within 24 hours !!
Hmmmm....Bcoz...many people hunting for that???
My DAR give everyone the BEST PRICE !!! is what i confirmed
Sound like that is a limited MODEL or what...Dunno la.
as long as he recommeded to me, i will accept.
Atleast, that is really a best price ever in the market .

Everyone interest in buying Laptop OR projector
Do leave me yours's contact number.
or call
DASH CHEN : 016-6477_ _ _
jz leave me a msg

Today is the day we sign up the Digi postpaid that i wanted from long time ago.
WIll we regret for this action???
Dunno ~~
Hope we can save more from that.
Old number is keep using ...keep in touch ya my fren~~

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Help mE !!!

Next Tuesday having test of FILM AND ART !!! I NEARLY FORGOTTEN EVERYTHING !!! and Pyschology test on Friday !!!
i really .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..forgotten ~
i just remember the Math exam !!!
The trouble is I do not have the notes as long as i study Film and ART ! There is a website given by teacher to get the notes ONline.. .. .. ..I Gonna go copy the Notes Now !!! sob.. ..sob.. ..
((T.T) the lesson of pyschology need to cover up is about 100++ thick)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My dar + me in my entire week.


Night Market in Caunnaught


Beng keng Restaurant + fIRST station@ pandan indah

My lovely Friday was a rainY day. ops...It totally spoiled my mood, untill i saw my dar driving his car in UCSI. My smart dar....hoho....Damn happy. I really thought i gonna be wet to enter your's car. Lucikily you're smart enough to drive into my coll la.
Raining cat and dog on friday...!!

flood happened on the way we go back. I was so excited to see the flood on the road, so i many pictures taken inside the cars. On the other way, Dar driving his car very carefully bczo the water is quite deep.

haha....see ~~~ my product

serious ????

After that, we went to Suntex to pick up his dad and had some food there

There is a big traffic jam on we have to find another eternatif way back to Ampang. What road else??? we called it as Hulu langat hill or Ampang hill??? i like someone fetching me to there. So that i can see the beautiful view there and 兜兜风.

I always complaint about his BIg nostril !!! But what he revenge???

鼻子洞大, 漏财啊 !!!me

哪里有 ??鼻子洞大, 吸财快啊 !!!dar

then, he will show me his innocent look as below ~


my desirable tom yam...on that day

I HAte Banana Boat !!!

Yeah...we meet three day in this week !!!
i gonna meet u soon later. Horray.

****i KNOW my post is sO sHORT and meaningless !!! ****

My entire week...

Sushi King @ Leisure mall

Pheww~~Sushi King promotion Again !!! Actually can it consider as "promotion" ? Mayb we should call it as reward for "all walks of life" in Malaysia. Hahaha...(forgive me, becoz recently just finished my Writing exam !!!)
RM2 per plate...!!! Wow ~~
damn syok !!! Usually went sushi i have to think twice before eating, especially those sushi with prawn, sashimi on top !!! That day i just simply take what i wanted for long.....!!!

Really so happy....Eating is my hobby !

that day also having gathering with my secondary buddies, As usual, i cant meet all of them, there are always several were missing. Some was busying working, some was busying, and someone was busying take care of her's baby. It's really so hard to "invite" them (>.<)
When only we can get together ??? when my marriage???
muahahaha ~

She hunted for prawn only !!!


Sorry my dear, this angle of snapping is totally a failure of mine !

this wasn't what we had only ate !!!

we paid RM 50++ for 22 plate. It's so damn worth !!!
After then, we chat alot about our studies at MCd. They all having a hardship on their studies, the syallabus of form six is really so burden to carry on. I found that i've took a right decision of choosing foundation and Mass Com for then. IF i chosen form six last time, it should be a waste on money and time, bcoz i'm really not good in study.
On the other way, failed in college is doens't matter ! Only need one thing.....MONEY !!!
i do a promise to myself, i cant failed !!! bcoz i'm poor ^^
But, so far my result is acceptable.Today just went back to coll for my mid-term on Algebra. I'm quite satisfied that what i had done. Hope theres no any mistaken again !!! i'm always careless !!!

After my frens all gone, i take a bus to go back.i have been so long time never take bus already. It's annouying while waiting bus when theres heavy rain is coming. Feel so helpless....Got bf seem like dun hv ! he unable to fetch me. NVM, i tend to training myself into indepedent ^^
feel so worry i have no transport to go back that time. Finally i called my mom.

It's so WINDY, Before the heavy rain is coming !!! i unable to open my eyes ^^



Sushi King @ LEISURE MALL *again*

Wednesday again.....As i mentioned before, we always got load of time on wednesday ! We didnt skip class, theres a lot of time between the class before and after. Sometime, we got about 6 hours for break !!! shit.....So , we decided to eat our all time favourite again !!! YUm yum ~

we' were keep hunting for the worty one. (T.T)

SO bad, our mission is failed that day, we ate not mush what we wanted !!!

~only 10 plates ~

Then, we went to the mall seeking for present for the buffday gal. Then we back to our coll for our hand-made card . We got no any "accesories" on that moment.for instance, scissor, paper, glue...etc. It's a challenge for us to do what we what.

as a Mass com students, we done ~


nOT just the rubbish below we gave her la of course, along with a present also.

we done it with limited material we got.

pls appreciate the "rubbish"



Secret Recipe

Thursday suppose to coll on 3.45pm , having Writing class on 4pm. We went to coll earlier coz mid-term is coming and we got load of Quetion unable to solve. Hmmm.....seem like our decesion is right. Bcoz i just done my mid-term this morning, those questions is all on my fingertips. ^^ we went secret recipe for my hi-tea and JIawen lunch time. i'm so dare to walk into Secret recipe with RM7 in my wallet. (>.<)

thanks Ms. foong. ALthough my fren "fuck" you alot on her's blog. haha

s-o-r-r-y Jiawen ~~~

Actually nobody can help us, if we dont want to put effort on our studies. So. eventually i wanna thanks myself for being so hardworking. hahaha.



Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Mid-term + My never-updated blog

I don't know should i put myself as very busy or very free !!!
i having my mid-term in this coming Saturday~ pheww~~~ ! Have to come back coll on Saturday again. It's annouying !!!
Mid-term mid-term mid-term mid term
i got alot of Q dunno how to do.
that's why i'm her so early in library.
another thing is.....
my blog got vry little countable post only. This is due to my habit "lazy" !!!
i have to post it soon...or not so soon....I should done which is more important for me !!!
Update blog not to show anyone to view or we called as reader. Bcoz i also know theres not much "reader" of mine. Simply update just for my dar (who is should know my daily life better) and lastly....i wanna keep my blog as long as i am alive , it's like a Photo album+ story as well .

Monday, October 13, 2008


What you guys will think after this teddy mask ???
GUess what happened????
it was Cancelled !!!
i'm the lucky one...^^
The event was cancelled due to the FIRE.
Ya...the MPh hall on fire on that night.
like a fool...but it wasn't !
Below are pictures taken by Jiawen !!!

he found his brother...

"i know what you did in the last summer "


that's all.


i'm in my coll boring. Been force staying at here about more than 2 hours to waiting the time reach on 3pm. Having a gathering later in Sushi King. There got promotion about RM2 per plate. i'm damn hungry now.

Oh yeah, i have finished my probability test just now...quite okay ! I can answer most of the question. Just abit blind !!!

see the question wrongly...i think there will be lost around 5 mark thou ...!!!

what a waste !!!

~i'm handicap ~