Thursday, August 21, 2008

edited, coz having panda eye

Yesterday went a crazed shopping with SHARON, old old old super old fren . I'll remember this day Forever !!!

from day to night

15875 stepped !!!
lose lotsa calories on that day....
btw, i feeling like practising cat-walk while shopping, coz we're in high heel ~
i think the words that we talked on that day also MANY...non-stop chatting !
mouth and leg also exhausted @#$%!

finally, got lotsa gain
hmm...i tink i have no beyond expenses gua~
i'd promised myself to "behave myself"
the dearest one......
my dar like jz "beside" me giving me some "aDviSe" + "NagginG"
with the hp, disturbin my sweet time ! >.<
help me~
nvm la....

last but not least, i got a hope !
i wish i can get my own a car SOon ~~
bcoz no car really make trouble !!!