Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today is thursday

Mummy bring us to makhota for breaskfast again. The scene of this restaurant also the same when the last time we came > no customer !
totally no customer ~
it's better ,coz we could get our food faster.
and we got noticed a funny thing in that restaurant since we in the car...hehe...a BEAR doll sitting on a chair... cute the boss put the bear on chair and they having their breasfast with the bear.
then, while we're eating , the boss shift the bear to a baby chair again...

my mummy~

then, headed to bakery shop for "stg"


it was a adorable girl on the cake ~

the bro and sis waiting unpatiently in the car.
then, we went to mom's fren boutique to fix my tudetop, lastly we headed to jln imbi seek to the TING SKIN &LACER CLINIC...

WE got no.49.....OMG...i guess we have to wait 2-3 hours man coz the patient tat jz go in is jz no.19....

we went to eat passes the time, but eventually we really dun wanna wasted our time at here, so we went bring bro to has a hair cut .then, i have a drink wit sharon and pauline nearby my housing area

This is wat i saw when we walking along the street to passed our time in clinic...


Never see lobster b4

haha ~