Saturday, August 9, 2008

busy weekday

i awaked in a delighted friday morning, to wait for his's arrival ! we always jz can meet up in jz several hours per week. Althought we're now 18 and got license and after our secondary life...but we still can meet onli FRIDAY . ( tis is wat i felt)

actually isn't tat i wan to exaggerate's seem like we're do not like wat we suppose to do in this age now ! Or ...who fixed that we should enjoy our life like other couple did ??

who do not like everyday just watch movie, walk night market, shopping, eat good food, clubbing, hugging each other i love u ,u love me???

jz like what my dar told me : without $$ , can we do these????

The main reason courses we cannot meeting each other may be ++DISTANCE++. Plusing his car spoiled.Big trouble ~
i went to have my lunch wit Thing before my dar arrival.... and ...i never noticed that i have no money in my wallet. Haha ~ luckily Thing got enuff money for the spending that day. So SHAME ! But the point is ......althought we got finished money after the lunch , we still went for shopping around leisure mall (window shopping) and next is those makhota and sg. long boutique. I tink tis only is the true characteristic of Girls. muahahahxx
finally also got no gains , coz when the *process* goin half dar was reached and #keep nagging# on me ! complaining me is too playful wor. ya ke???
lastly, what i wanna write is i felt we got a lot of fate wit FRIDAY. Since our school time untill now, we also got chance to meet on friday....
i got later we got more more more more time together. Love to STick wit you *****