Sunday, August 24, 2008


Everything is passed....
he is turning into 18 already, nothing special on that day we jz celebrate in his restaurant with several relatives. I well prepared at 12 stg , then his mom coming to fetch me, not him. never mind...what i know from his mom is when he get know his's mom is goin to fetch me, then he straight a way fall asleep untill so late.Then, his's mom brought me to shopping with her, no choice. So, we're quite late only reached there but He ever did not realise.
i know i should not argue or fight with him on that day. So, i did not.
Well...i abided for many thing recently. I do not know when i gonna explode !!!
Do not know why...i know many extra thing about him...he hide the truth . i really got abided, and i do not know what to do. We're consider as adult now, we grow up. We cannot like b4 what we do. FUTURE. this always comes out from my mind reminding me !

he treat me bad? not at all. Good? not at all also....recently ever feling bad. Sorry for that thinking and feeling.
sometime, i jz feel that he not good in *detecting* women feeling . And he is not good in cure-ing of that.
and, he can ask for forgive but he doesn't know what the*** of his fault. sob. sob.
how can ? how can recently some bad decision comes our from my mind. How can i can changed so fast. Too fussy ??? i hv no idea. Today the worst , coz my parents gave me many pressure and the words they said let me got many of imagination.

i'm so sad....i do not know what to do. i really to discuss with him, everytime we argue he also did not give me the chance to talk, that's why now the feeling accumulate too much in my heart and wanna explode !!! BOMB!!! ....i never had this kind of strong feeling b4 for that "decision"
hope he can give me a call, when he saw this article.
soon, i'm goin to start my school life. There have much time for us together anymore.
Hope thing can get recover and improve instead of getting worse.

okie. let's pictures do the talking.

tis is his 2nd brother from granny.

our baby?? nope


i wish our relationship will not comes to the end bcoz of little silly matter. All of these, can be solve. Mayb he doesn't know what is goin all right now, it is better let me get enough time to think about that.