Sunday, August 10, 2008

happy family day

Yeah...there was a happy weekend i had passed ! finally my parents got free time to have a dinner at dar's restaurant. Dar and me have been waiting for this chance for so so long already. It is suppose is my turn to treat them to a meal, bcoz i got my first salary in my life....but unfortunately all my salary is saving in the bank. Hoho~
Many unlucky thing happened since we enter his restaurant (T.T) spoiled the mood and the circumtance around the restaurant are occupies wit shamefulness.
Firstly , mummy got her handphone serious drop on the floor when she goin into the restaurant...

and we were just sitting where the place the piece of ceiling falled down !!!

luckily never hit my dad and me , bcox we had sit jz down the ceiling...if not, whose gonna know what would happened???
fun rite??
it is consider as ***lucky or unlucky***??????
the tragedy is just happened when i was bitting a chicken, then i felt stg falling down from the top....feeling got a wind blow....haha !
and when i turned my head back seeking for what is the thing, i shocked ~ a piece of ceiling !!!
althought i suppose to feeling lucky that it has no hit my dad or me, but i'm still feeling very weird about it...bcoz the ceiling is really above the way we sit !
ok la!
god blessing us again !
thanks god.
guys u should know
this kind of tragedy happened in my dar restaurant *toward* my family, is how much shameful to carring on?
never mind la dar...forget about it !!!

dar and aunty is trying to reconcile the miss. *giggle*

illness me
illness me
illness me
illness me
illness me

tis is what the sis's product when boring

innocent boi


today just went for the open day in UCSI ...

no crowded with people there. Lucky~

finally got registered and got a tour around the campus....(T.T) The HOT weather made me cant breathe (>.<) when i reached the forth floor, omg... the hot air increased immediately when then lift door was opened . The point is, that *hot and stuffy floor* is where the place we play gym,basketball and other activities. how can???

Everywhere is hot hot hot la...moody ~

i cant stop compare the campus wit Segi...but, i know i have to stop tis action from now ! **fine...**

the orientation day is coming soon already...soon i get to go back my school life !


afterthat, mummy fetch dar back to his place...and we got our lunch time together again ^^
i got taste my favourite dish today...feel satisfaction !
happy ~
happy weekend


SHARON....... said...

normally SUNDAY all the air con are close......for the MPH floor tooo......

you really seem a bit pity too...
cannot get the collage that you actually really like.....!!