Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day 1 in UCSI

Here we go....the first day in UCSI.
we were on time just nice to the orientation bcoz it's just like what we expected it was not goin on time jz like what has written in paper.
So, the event is started after our bucttock sat down and several camwhore was taken.

this is our usual action ....

the event started by the "cold joke" talked by MC and the stupid *snake game* !!! we did involved in the game" of course", bcoz we were trained in Ns to be active and enthusiastic . haha.

see?? the *snake* behind there is so damn long

the time is passing like age especially hang hang and me divided into different faculty.The lectures up there talking non-stop ! But the point is i do not understand and not interested !

luckily got my jia wen and winnie

So, me and my new fren decided to SkIp the class and go accompany Winnie to giant to buy some daily use appliances.
yea~ here my new fren

winnie -from kuching
jia wen

and we did a visit to winnie in-campus hostel...with carrying a lot of stuff "naik bukit" man~

lose calories again~~ haha

Then, we went back to the hall room for the course selection seasion !!!
three of us under SSLA faculty , pronous as the *SLA* students
ya !
this is the worst part, goin up and down, left and right !!!
Just to find the sociel science department. tiring T.T
i thought the worst part had passed for today....who know???
we gonna go to different deparment of faculty to seek for the time table of certain courses !!!

why they cant jz done everything for us to choose?

nvm la~~

we're young. ^^

then....went to library for course selection.

luckily the computer didn't *bully* me


lastly.back to home...

what a full-filled day .

my new chapter of life is begin next tuesday



shon chong said...

hey..drop by.shon here..blogger too ha.. kinda surprise when google-ing UCSI and found your blog ha!

i was the head of the snake la! but at the last 2 minutes lose to people edi.. sigh..