Wednesday, August 13, 2008



It's not an unusual phonomenon if human being to exist racial discrimination and skin tone discrimination. But this strange affair unexpectedly appear in animal life.

Only snow-white pigeon can be a peace angel, biting a branch of olive tree flying freedomly , nobody even dare to touch one fur on it;s body ; a crow as black as ink solely been doomed to fall on evil days, it has to be spare none forever by the human.

White horse normally as a pet to aristocrats, only prince allow to ride on it to save his lovely princess. Black horse??? unless it can run very fast, only can be a horse race. Otherwise, solely just can be a animal that been use as a trailer on convey purpose.

White cat can string along with the princess; Black cat is solely to being a envoy for the witch.


Zebra, penguin, and panda is the cleverest. Smart one. They know to remain neutral, sit in the fence. Mostly of them are living in the wide field or zoo leisurely and carefree. Luckily animals do not know human being having this type of "skin tone discrimination ".Or else, either all the animals acquire to become in White body colour.