Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Big day coming

The days passing so freaking fast , unconsciously passed half year.
and the Big Day of mine is coming already....
b4 mine is dar's buffday lo...
this coming saturday is it ....
like to see dar happy face, today met him and he shown me the excited face again. Damn funny, like a child waiting for a day with Full of expectation !!!
Really wish he can happy like today everyday. That's why i like to gave him lotsa chocolate.Making him high everyday ,every moment is my purpose !!!
muahahaaha !
i really hope dar can stay in better condition sometime, althought he has no complaintment bout it, but still wish he can get what i got. But, i'm clear about one thing , that i cant satisfied him forever. that's A FAMILY and a warm and fragrant HOME.
i hope i can make it in the future, but now.....that's a reality that cant change. Sometime, thinking in positive way may make us to feel better ! So, dar may be thinking there ur's both "old folk" is still alive tat's enough . Don't think too much okie?
i will always remember what u told me last time, when the time i know u a while ago...the thing we chat is always covered around by the family thingy....and got once, you told the stories about your's family untill u cried...i still remember...bcoz i crying along too..
poor me~
i think tat's why i love u .....u're a man that put Family the First place ; Fren the LAST
i know i will not wrong for choosing you for my forever partner in life.
am i falling too deep in this age???
i wanna give you more and more than u expected !
bcoz u're one of my target to pity on...
really hope to celebrate the Big day wit you. dar...
pls allow me to do so...
transpot is a prob?? i'm not willing to let this prob be a ostacles on it !!!
really wish to see your's happy emotion !